PPC or pay per click is a basic concept to understand Digital Marketing

It is the advertising modality on which most Internet campaigns, such as Google advertising, are based. For advertisers, this model was a real revolution, as it allows them to invest money in campaigns whose results can be measured.

A well-applied PPC Marketing can be a very useful tool to obtain sales and attract new customers. Let's take a look at what Pay per click is and what advantages it can have for your business.

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PAY PER CLICK Avieraservice Digital Agency
PAY PER CLICK Avieraservice Digital Agency


PPC or Pay per Click is a Digital

Advertising model in which the advertiser pays an amount of money each time a user clicks on one of its ads. an advertiser pays to place its ads on a website, search engines, social networks, or any digital platform. The price can be fixed or determined by auction. In this type of advertising.

Every time a person clicks on the ad, they will be directed to the advertiser's own website. The idea of a Pay per Click campaign is to buy visits to a given site in order to generate a specific action in users.

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Know These Tools to Make PCC Campaigns

When it comes to conferring an advertising campaign on both social networks and search engines, you must have design conferencing tools on hand, or texts and other things such as finding search terms with which our potential clients will find us.

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The main benefit of PPC is its cost

You only pay for actual results, i.e. when a user clicks on the ad. It is a good online strategy for companies that offer a product or service that is purchased online. You choose the budget you want to invest per ad. The conversion from clicks to sales is simpler and more direct.

You can also monitor your campaign. PPC reveals information about the ad. The number of clicks that have been made or the impressions that it has obtained. If the campaign is not working, changes can be made on the fly.

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PAY PER CLICK Avieraservice Digital Agency

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