Map optimization is a concept closely related to Local SEO

Its principal goal is to optimize the presence and location of your business in Google maps (also known as Google my Business). Map optimization is used in Local SEO to improve the organic positioning of your business so that those users who are looking for solutions at a specific time in a specific region can find you.

Unlike the usual SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in digital marketing, local SEO emphasizes search engines related to geolocation and geographic locations where businesses are located. Let’s take a look at how map optimization and local SEO can help your business.

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MAP OPTIMIZATION Avieraservice Digital Agency
MAP OPTIMIZATION Avieraservice Digital Agency


First of all, it is important to be clear about what a web page is

Local SEO is a set of search engine optimization strategies that seek to improve a brand's positioning when users search for solutions within a specific location or want to find the most relevant option around.

Local SEO is designed for searches that contain a geographic component so it is focused on optimizing the Google My Business and not so much the company's site. This profile will have business information such as its services, address, contact details, images, and even opinions about it.

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The design process for a website is never as easy as it seems

When we talk about local SEO we refer to the set of strategies to improve brand positioning in search engines, focusing on the specific location of the business, the geolocation of the user and the Google My Business page in particular. The geographic component is what distinguishes local SEO from regular SEO.

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With the increase of Searches on Mobile Devices

The geographic component has become super important for Google. Besides, most people are looking for solutions closer to their context. Investing in local SEO, therefore, represents a golden opportunity for companies to improve their positioning and increase the visibility they have in front of these people.

These kinds of strategies are perfect for businesses with a physical location such as bars, discotheques, restaurants, cafes,  theaters, hotels, movie theaters, salons, malls, schools, hospitals, clinics… basically any business with a physical store or customer service center. So if you have an online store this option is not for you.  

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