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10 Tips on How to Create Facebook Ads That Convert 2022

With these ten tips we will help you create and optimize your Facebook ads campaigns so that they increase the sales of your business.

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Know Your Target Audience

This is what people often forget when building and marketing your Facebook ad campaign. We need to know who are our target audiences and then we can offer the right type of ads to our targeted people.

Create a relevant and attractive ad

You can’t just think of a headline and post it on Facebook without really understanding what your target audience finds attractive. The idea is to create an ad that adapts to the needs of that person who is your public. It is not good that your future clients see the ad and think that you are trying to sell them something they do not need. Instead you want to come up with a captivating ad that will give your audience a reason to want to click.

Update it frequently

Keep in mind that Facebook updates the algorithm regularly.

Add a Clear CTA to Your Ad

Cues are the ‘trigger’ of the ad. When someone opens a specific Facebook ad, these cues provide the user with specific information and action that they have to take. It is, of course, important to know the cues that will lead to a conversion and how can you optimize those elements to increase your conversions?

One of the best ways to add a clear and understandable CTA to your ad is to create custom triggers. Create triggers that have an impact on the person to whom they refer. Trigger options that can lead to a conversion will be different for each and every client. To make it even easier for you to add the optimal trigger, create a trigger-based content strategy, for example, in your social media posts.

Optimize Your Ads With The Right Creative and Text

The only way to turn your ads into an effective marketing strategy is by using the right colors, images, and copy. After all, when you take a good image, you have to write a good description, and it’s best if you choose the right targeting, offer, or products to be sold.

There are many elements involved in creating effective ads and optimising the performance of your ad campaigns. In fact, there are 2-6 or more advertisements a day on Facebook.

It’s obvious that a Facebook ad campaign is more expensive than running ads in local newspapers and magazines, yet the results are comparable. If you are prepared to spend time and money on ads you get results. You’ll get more sales, more customers, and more referrals.

We recommend you to create your ads using Canva

Target People by Location and Age

Facebook Ads. Target people by location and age. Avieraservice Digital Agency

Facebook does not limit your reach based on the geographical boundaries but rather on the age of the people who are viewing your ads. If you know that you are running an ad campaign in Belgium then you have a good chance of selling to people who are also in Belgium. You can also target users by the countries they live in or use all the demographics to target people in your specific market.

Use the right picture and the right words

Every ad needs to look appealing, have a strong call to action and use clear text so that the user gets the message clearly. Use the words that they would use to talk to other people so that people are comfortable when they see the ad. Use keywords that people would use while messaging and saving on mobile phones.

Create Conversion Funnels for Your Customers

A Facebook ad is only effective if it gets the attention of your customers.

Your customers are busy, especially at the weekends, so a simple message with action points, will not keep them engaged enough for it to have an impact.

To make sure you are getting more conversions, you need to have some funnels.

You should create a funnel which captures customers as they start using your product or service.

You should include a call to action at each step of the funnel, to engage more and convert the customer.

Here are ten of the best funnels you can create.

1. The Follow-Through Funnel

This is the one most businesses think of when they want to sell a product or service.

In this funnel, you have your “Welcome Page”, “Ready to order” page and the “Finished Cart” page.

Keep Experimenting With New Creatives, copy, and Targeting Options

Facebook Ads.Keep experimenting with new creatives, copy, and targeting options.Avieraservice digital Agency

The success of any Facebook ad campaign is based on the creative execution of your ad and the copy that you include in your ad. Experimenting with new creatives, copy, and targeting options will help you make better decisions about how to market your business on Facebook.

Improve Conversion Rates with the Targeted Facebook Ad Creation Tool

In order to increase conversions you need to attract more targeted audiences and to ensure that your ads are targeted to the right audience at the right time. Creating Facebook ads that convert is not as easy as it sounds. To improve the conversion rates, Facebook provides you with a mobile app that helps you create adverts that convert for you.

Test Different Image Sizes

How to place images on the sidebar of Facebook ad.

Is this image working for your brand? Check the “custom image” boxes. Use the image sizes. Start from the left to the right and see the difference. Try to find out which image size is more suitable to your brand and then try to replace the current image with the one which seems to work best.

8 images for sidebar

Test each image for different emotions and relevance. See which one seems to be best for your business.

Use visuals

In today’s economy visual content is very important. So, if you have not found out how to use visuals to increase the conversion rates of your Facebook ads you should start now. All successful Facebook ad campaigns should be accompanied with pictures and images.

Track Success Metrics to Optimize Performance

To improve the ROI of your Facebook ads, it is imperative that you have a set of metrics that can be measured to show how your ads are performing. The best thing you can do is to create the metrics with the knowledge of which ads are performing better for your brand.

Track your performance with Facebook Analytics

Facebook offers an analytics platform, which is a free tool that can help you get a complete picture of your Facebook advertising performance. You can run various tests in Facebook ads, and track results by creating reports based on time, place and keyword in Facebook ads. You can also get insights on what your customers like. With all the knowledge you gather from Facebook, you can efficiently run your next Facebook ad campaign.

Stay up-to-date With Facebook Marketing Insights

Creating Facebook Ads

Facebook is a very powerful social network. Users and companies interact on it. It is very easy to create Facebook ad campaigns. All you need to do is find a Facebook audience that looks like yours and create an ad for it. People are not pre-defined by race or religion. They are defined by what they like, where they are and what they want.

If your ad has something that people are interested in, then they will like it. This will help you grow your Facebook audience quickly.

However, in case your audience is not the same, you can just build an audience by targeting people with certain profile details.


With these ten tips we will help you create and optimize your Facebook ads campaigns so that they increase the sales of your business. By the way, you don’t have to work with these ten tips all the time. Choose a couple that works best for you, and try different combinations to get the results you’re looking for.

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