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You are an entrepreneur starting your business now, or a company already positioned and you need to scale your presence and thus prosper. We gladly accompany you to achieve these goals. We have experience in many business sectors and we have all the tools to make your company sell more and grow as soon as possible.


Our Best Services

We provide a range of services focused on the business growth of our clients and their businesses.

Keyword Searches 1 Avieraservice

keyword Searches

Position your business with keywords in google...

web design Avieraservic

Web Design

A responsive website optimized for mobile...

Email Marketing Avieraservice

Email Marketing

The use of Email marketing is a powerful tool to close purchases...

Content Marketing Avieraservice

Content Marketing

Creation of content for social networks and highlight the brand...

Social Marketing Avieraservice

Social Marketing

Managing social networks is a direct way to scale a business...

Map Optimization Avieraservice

Map Optimization

Optimization of Local SEO and Google Map for greater reach...

Pay Per Click Avieraservice

Pay Per Click

The Pay Per Click Campaign is the direct way to maximize sales...

Video Marketing Avieraservice

Video Marketing

video marketing is the right way to create online ads...

Avieraservice CEO


Founder and C.E.O of Avieraservice.

Hello, My name is Andy Viera and I am the founder of Aviera Service. I am a Digital Agent with several years of experience creating content for digital marketing and web development. With my work, clients will obtain a solid online presence based on the development of a Digital Marketing strategy. I have experience with many sectors that range from construction, lawyers, insurance, fashion, food sales, clothing stores, and others. These are the steps we follow to build a good development plan.


Mejor pago -Agencia por clic (PPC) en San Petersburgo
  • SEO audit and online presence
  • Objectives set by the client
  • Website Development
  • Positioning in search engines
  • Management and optimization of social networks
  • Development of marketing strategies
  • Content creation for advertising campaigns
  • Analysis of results
  • Objectives met


How It's Work

In every marketing plan there is always a development strategy with logical steps to carry out, these are the four main ones that we apply.

Research Avieraservice



Analysis of growth opportunities with an online marketing plan.

Expert Development Avieraservice

Expert Development


Implementation of SEO strategies and marketing campaigns and SEN.

Anlytics and Optimization Avieraservice

Anlytics and Optimization


Study of campaign results and optimization adjustments.

Final Score

Final Score


Compliance with the proposed goals and delivery of results as agreed.


We Offer a Full Range of Digital Marketing

Being able to carry out an entire online growth strategy for a business that can multiply profits by up to 80% depending on the sector in which it is located. Facebook alone has 2.74 billion monthly active users. Do you think your client is not among that number? We can assure you that yes, and that you can reach them and show them that your products or services can help them with their needs. If you want to know how we put together an online marketing plan, and thus understand how it would fit your business or company, just click read more.

Digital Marketing Avieraservice


Completed Developments

A detailed collection of various finished works, where clients have been very satisfied with the final product.


Our Customer Say

Excellent service, professional, and very attentive to details. I'm extremely satisfied with the results. Highly recommended for your web design or marketing needs. Keep it up! Thanks!
Alain Echeverria
Alain Echeverria
I'm so happy to works with them, now more people know about my business and is growing faster, i highly recommended
monika lugo
monika lugo
Awesome service, fast and efficient, very professional. 5 stars 😊 keep up the good work 🤩
Felix Barrio
Felix Barrio
Abriendo un negocio siempre es difícil, pero si es de ventas y necesitas una tienda en línea, Andy es el hombre.


Creating Content For Social Networks Is The Beginning Of Online Success

We created a content plan for social networks where the objective is greater brand recognition to position itself as a benchmark in the sector where it competes. Social networks are customer loyalty channels where a community will always be built around your services or products. Understanding that educating is the best way to sell is only possible when we correctly use the power of communication that social networks provide us. Here we summarize some examples of how to achieve it, and if you want to know more we leave you a button so you can see and learn everything you need.

  • Sample of finished works, in formats for social networks.
  • Tell success stories where a problem is solved.
  • Animated infographics detailing steps to follow to achieve an objective.
  • Video testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Video for business presentation and advertising.
CREATION OF CONTENT to make your business visible and sell more